Live to Travel, Travel to Live

Live to Travel, Travel to Live


When I was younger and would hear my friends talking about their recent trips, I would secretly envy them. I would think to myself how good it would be to also go to faraway places, see things which are out of the ordinary and meet new friends. You see, I was born into a family which was not the traveling type. Although I lived a fairly comfortable life, my parents would rather go to the mall and buy us stuff instead of encouraging us to see the world.

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As a child I was always adventurous. I spent most of the day out of the house, climbing trees, playing games with my friends and wandering to the nearby villages. I would only go home at dusk, only to see my mother’s angry face by the door worried sick about me and wanting to know where I have been and who I was with.

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Fast forward to graduation and the real world when I was so busy finding a job and making a living that I no longer had time to discover new things. The real world can be unpleasant and it is often very much different from the life we envisioned having when we were still teenagers in school, brimming with ideas and aspirations.

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To my horror I found my adventurous and inquisitive spirit being snuffed out by the demands and stress of the workplace. You cannot go on leave for a long time or else there will be stacks of documents waiting for you when you come back. You cannot be away for a long time or else your work performance will suffer. You cannot do this, you cannot do that. There are so many restrictions. I have been too concerned with the status quo that I have forgotten what I truly wanted out of life.

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The world is a very big place and there is so much of it to see. I had always wanted to set foot on each continent and write about the cultures, different culinary styles and people I encounter along the road. I delight in being proven that the world is not a place of despair or danger for I see it as a lovely place of discovery.

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So, it is with great conviction that I am telling myself today that I am going to make my dream of seeing the world come true. It may take some time but it is not a race. I will get there eventually. What’s important is that I am starting today towards achieving my goals. I have not figured out yet how I am going to go about traveling the world, so for the meantime I am reading inspirational, informative and equally entertaining travel blogs. Here is looking forward to a new year of more travels and fun.

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