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Beauty, Peace and Contentment in the Streets of Hanoi, Vietnam

Beauty, Peace and Contentment in the Streets of Hanoi, Vietnam

Life is constant search for respite, for beauty, for fulfilment and for goodness. Everywhere we go we always look around to see the good and the beautiful. All these things I have found during my trip to Vietnam. Surprisingly, while crossing Vietnam’s busy streets under the scorching heat of the sun, while dodging loud motorbikes honking here and there, I found peace and contentment in the eyes and beautiful faces of the Vietnamese and when I say beauty I mean it. I saw so many beautiful Vietnamese women during my trip.

I Left My Heart in Yogyakarta

I Left My Heart in Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta has truly captured my heart. The culture, the sights, the music, the food and the people are just incredible. Here are more of the photos taken during my trip to a Javanese jewel called Yogyakarta.

Packing Bare Essentials When Traveling

Packing Bare Essentials When Traveling

If you are traveling solo, it is important that you pack light. Packing light means bringing with you only the bare essentials.  When you do not have to check-in any luggage, you will be able to get out of the airport quickly and easily. There is no need to queue and you can also be more mobile. Being able to handle your luggage yourself also means that you can save money because you can take buses and other public transportation instead of taking the cab.

There is a lot of sense in packing light; however, not a lot of people have the talent for it. Yes, we all need the same things when we travel such as clothes, shoes and other things but there are small but very important things which people often forget to pack.

Finding an easy fix or a solution to your seemingly endless travel challenge can be easy with the help of other travelers’ insights. So, here are some recommendations from other travelers.

  • Iphone or any smart phone – can double as a camera so you can take pictures and videos. You can also download guidebooks on your phone and use it to go around your destination more efficiently.


  • Zip-loc bags – protects your gadgets from getting wet and damaged


  • Universal travel adaptors – allows you to charge your phones and other gadgets wherever you are in the world


  • Lip balm – being in the plane for long hours can seriously chap your lips so never travel without a lip balm


  • Sunscreen –  a must if you are planning to spend endless hours under the sun whether out on the beach or exploring the local area


  • Moisturizer – as mentioned being on the plane for long hours can be very drying for your skin so bring some moisturizer.


  • Disposable undies – you never know when you might need them!


Do you have anything to add to the list? Let us know in the comments section.