Scoring Cheap Airline Tickets

Have a lot of places on your bucket list but you are afraid that your budget will not permit you to your desired travel destinations? Want to hunt for cheap tickets? I am all for being thrifty and making the most of any budget so I am going to share with you some of the best tips and secrets I have ever come across that will help you get cheap airline tickets.

There are not a lot of cheap flights, especially if you wish to travel in the summer. The weather makes it tougher to score flights because seats which otherwise would have been empty are all filled up by people who would like get away from the stress of work. What is the key to scoring cheap airline tickets? Being a little spontaneous and adventurous.

Get ready to travel!
Get ready to travel!

Be patient

Although some popular destinations may already be sold out, there are still last minute deals to be snagged out there. sometimes all you need is patience. I am based in Singapore and I have seen various regional budget airlines such as Tiger Airways, Jetstar and Air Asia offering last minute deals. If you can clear your schedule ASAP, then you will find numerous travel destinations on sale which are worth going to.

Travel on off-days

If you have been traveling for quite some time now, you would already know that traveling during peak season means everything is expensive, from airline tickets to food to accommodations. Suffice it to say that traveling during peak days will burn a hole in your pocket. So, choose a day when other people are too busy with work or school and are unable to travel.

Sign up for alerts

You will find the cheapest airline tickets during sales so it is a good idea to sign up for airfare alerts. Sign up directly with your favorite airlines and you will get an email every time there is a promotion. If you have a particular route in mind, you can sign up with and they will let you know when prices to your preferred destinations drop.

Consider an alternative airport

If you want to fly in and out of a city or country but not spend too much money, you can fly in and out of regional airports. True, it may be a short drive from the city proper but you will be saving quite a good amount of money.  Take for instance the city of Istanbul, the principal airport is the Ataturk International Airport. Most international flights land there but not too far away is the Sabiha Gokcen international Airport. It may not be as big as the former but when you fly in and out of the city in Sabiha Gokcen, you can score cheaper fares.

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