New Year, New Resolutions

2013 has come to a close and we are now faced with a new year, another 365 days of adventures. A new year means new hopes and new resolutions. Each year we strive to be better than the last, achieve more, be happier and perhaps even be more content. I did not achieve the things which I wanted to last year. So, I am beginning a new list again today with the hope that I will achieve all of them come end of 2014.

In order to make accomplishing my resolutions a bit easier, I have come up with this article. Hope you find this helpful too.

Make your resolutions simple

The more complicated your resolutions are, the more difficult they will be to achieve. I found this out the hard way. We often think that we will change every single aspect and make life better but sometimes that can be too much.  If you have several “big” resolutions, you might want to tackle them over a certain period of time. I am going to do this in 2014 and I am expecting great results.

Singapore Botanic Gardens
Me at the Singapore Botanic Gardens

Make your resolutions something you really want

How many times have you written down resolutions which you do not really want? I have done so in the past but will not be making the same mistake again. Your resolutions have to fit your own values. They should not be what other people want or what other people think you should be doing.

Give yourself rewards when you keep your resolutions

A little encouragement and reward can go a long way but you should not probably splurge on that bag when your resolution is to save more money for travel, like me. Reward yourself with something that will motivate you more towards achieving your goals.

Be specific

For your resolutions to be effective, they have to be pretty specific. Instead of saying you want to “travel more”, you should make a list of the places you want to visit by the end of 2014.

Make a plan

Instead of having one daunting goal, it is best to create a series of smaller steps which will lead you to that ONE BIG goal!

Singapore Botanic Gardens
Singapore Botanic Gardens

 Limit your list to only what you can handle

Instead of writing a long list of resolutions, it is best to limit them to only two or three which you intend on keeping, this way you will be able to focus your energy towards your goals.

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