How to Minimize the Risks of Flight Delays

I have read many nightmarish stories about friends rushing to the airport anticipating their flights only to be told that their flight was delayed or worse, cancelled. This is something upsetting especially if you have been looking forward to your trip.

One of the most common aggravations which affect passengers from all over the world is flight delay. This is a situation which is sure to raise everyone’s blood pressure. However, instead of getting angry, why not learn the many ways of minimizing the risks of flight delays?

Avoid airlines where delays are common

Most airlines keep a track of their performance and post this online on their websites. Make sure you look at this information before booking your flights. Regardless of how tempting the price may be, if you do not want to get disappointed avoid booking airlines which have a reputation for being delayed.

Whenever possible avoid connecting flights

One of the worst things that can happen from a flight delay is missing your connecting flight. It is best to avoid connecting flights altogether. If you have no other choice but to get a connecting flight, you have to ensure that there is enough time in between flights to accommodate possible delays.

Avoid the last flight of the day

You certainly do not want to book the last flight of the day and find out that it has been cancelled. Pick a flight which leaves an hour or two before the day’s last flight. In case your flight gets cancelled, you still have an option of booking the last flight and getting to your destination without spending the night at the airport.

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