Legoland, Malaysia! A Playground for Little Kids and Kids at Heart

Legos are everyone’s favorite childhood toys and being in Legoland, Malaysia made me look back to the days when I would build whatever I could think of using Lego bricks. The theme park was full of colours, of Lego people and Lego rides. It was just like being to my carefree childhood days.

The rides are more appropriate for children but this has not stopped eager parents from joining their little children and sharing fun and laughter with them. I, myself, have tried the rides and they gave me quite a thrill.

An ancient Egyptian guarding the entrance of one of the rides

Legoland is located in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, just a short bus ride away from the city-state of Singapore. The bus ride costs about SGD $20.00. The theme park is open from 10am until 6pm. However, during weekends, school and public holidays, the park has longer opening hours. Attraction queue lines close at posted park closing times.

Park guests who come from far places, which make it quite difficult to travel on the same day after visiting the theme park, will find it very convenient to check in at the Legoland Hotel. The reservation operating hours is from 9am to 7pm from Monday to Sunday at +607 597 8888.

Lego figures
Lego Granny

Ticket Prices

Combo Adult (12-59 years old) – Theme and Water Park     RM150.00 (includes a RM10.00 food voucher)

Combo Child (3-11 years old)/Senior (60 years+) – Theme & Water Park     RM 120.00 (includes a RM10.00 food voucher)

Water Park – Adult (12-59 years old)   RM95.00 (includes a RM10.00 food voucher)

Water Park – Child (3-11 years old)/Senior (60 years+)    RM75.00 (includes a RM10.00 food voucher)

Water Park – Toddler (Below 3 years)    RM10.00 (swim diapers are provided)

Theme Park – Adult (12-59 years old)    RM120.00 (includes a RM10.00 food voucher)

Theme Park – Child (3-11 years old)/Senior (60 years+)    RM90.00 (includes a RM10.00 food voucher)

Malaysian ringgit
Malaysian Ringgit

Annual Pass (valid for 12 months)

Adult (12-59 years old)    RM275.00

Child (3-11 years old)    RM210.00

Premium Adult (12-59 years old)    RM395.00

Premium Child (3-11 years old)    RM395.00

Parking Charges

Zone 3 Parking – Hourly

Less than an hour – Free

2-3 hours – RM2.00

3-4 hours – RM4.00

More than 4 hours – RM7.00

Legoland Themed Attractions

  • Land of Adventure
  • Miniland
  • Lego City
  • Imagination
  • The Beginning
  • Lego-Technic
  • Lego Kingdoms

Water Park Attractions

  • Joker Soaker
  • Lego Wave Pool
  • Built-a-Raft
Ready for some games?
Ready for some games?
water slide
Water slide
land of adventure
Legoland, Land of Adventure

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