Majulah Singapura! National Day in Singapore

A country’s independence is an important event, so it is only proper that it is celebrated annually to remind the people all the hardships they had to overcome to get their freedom.

“Eternal vigilance is the price of freedom”

Skydivers and stunts leave the crowd in awe

Singapore is one of the many nations in the world which goes out all-out in its celebration of independence day, or as they call it, Singapore National Day. The special day is celebrated on the 9th of August. It commemorates the day when the tiny city-state gained its freedom and became a republic after a separation from Malaysia.

The excited crowd wearing the country’s national colors

You got to hand it to Singaporeans for being nationalistic and proud of their culture, country and people. I have lived in the country for more than two years now and for those 2 past National Days, I have seen them march the streets with smiles on their faces, ready to celebrate. This is one thing which I would also like to see in the Philippines. Instead of protests and strikes, I would like to see Filipinos gathering together, reliving our history and celebrating our independence.

The iconic Marina Bay Sands in the background
The iconic Marina Bay Sands in the background

Months before one of the most important holidays in the country, you will be able to see flags draping down housing units, as well as business establishments. The ubiquitous white and red colors are flown from windows and even cars. Singaporeans are proud people and each year they turn out in thousands to the city central to celebrate with their fellowmen and get a glimpse of the man many people consider the father of the republic, Lee Kuan Yew.

Thousands of Singaporeans turned out for the event
Thousands of Singaporeans turned out for the event

There were fireworks, singing, dancing, and even a jaw-dropping performance from the military’s top pilots. The crowd was not only entertained but reminded of their history and just how far the country has come. I reckon not a single Singaporean left without patriotism in their blood.

More skydivers and stunts
More skydivers and stunts



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