Travel While You Are Still Young

If there is one thing I regret in my life, it’s not traveling while I was still young. Don’t get me wrong, I still consider myself young, don’t ask me to divulge my age because I would rather not, it’s just that if I had things my way I would have started traveling while I was still in my teens.

In retrospect I know it was not possible. I was not born in an affluent family and although we were provided our needs and wants, my family was just not the traveling type. My parents were more of a buy things type, not that I am complaining. We had more than what we needed and I my heart is full of gratitude for that.

If there is one thing, which I would like the youth to learn, it is the love of travel and of discovery; and of being open-minded. I want them to embrace the philosophy of tabula rasa, where the mind is like a completely blank slate, no prejudice, no presumptions, no generalisations; just an open slate, where new things learned are scribbled.

If you have the money, I implore you to have your passports stamped, rather than collect gadgets. However, I want you to do more than just take pictures or go on Facebook humble bragging about the places you have been to. Travel and life is more than that. It is more than the perfect lighting or angle. It is more than being able to say to people that you have been there and you have done that.

To travel is to see and scratch beyond the surface. To travel is to have a better understanding of other people and other cultures. To travel is to open your senses and embrace things, which you might otherwise have avoided. To travel is to be changed for the better and to become a well-rounded person. Travel while you are still young and you will have lived a full life.

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