Dekuta Hotel, Bali, Indonesia

I am really not that choosy when it comes to accommodations. As long as I have a comfortable bed and cozy room to come home to and sleep in at night after a day of sightseeing, I will be perfectly happy.

I do not spend outrageous amounts on hotels because I would rather spend my money on something more worthwhile, seeing as I will be out most of the day and the hotel will just be a place for me to crash on. I thought that we would be happy with Dekuta Hotel in Bali, Indonesia but boy was I wrong.

Dekuta Hotel
The bed

First we got off on the wrong foot when we arrived at the hotel at around 7pm. There were five people, 2 guys and 3 girls. All the girls were going to stay in the same room and the boys were going to stay in another. Apparently, we didn’t pay for the extra bed when we booked the room. I got into a heated discussion with the hotel staff and although I know it was not their fault, I jus couldn’t help myself.

Apparently the only thing we paid for was the extra person in the room and where that person was going to sleep on was a conundrum. I felt a bit cheated when we found out about this and Agoda has definitely left a bad taste in my mouth. We had no choice but to happily pay (insert sarcasm here) the extra bed required.

We booked the pool view room but I was more than disappointed that the only thing we girls could see from our balcony was a big column supporting the hotel structure. How delightful!

The hotel lobby cleverly decorated

The air conditioning dripped and the hotel staff didn’t attend to it despite the fact that we have informed them twice about it. Lastly, our bathroom sink looked like it was going to get detached from the wall and fall on the floor anytime.

Although the staff was friendly enough, the hotel just didn’t meet my expectations and I will definitely not be checking in again when I am back in Bali.

Rate: 2 out of 5 stars


The perfect cup of coffee
The hotel pool

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