A Night of Fun in Khao San

After a long hiatus from blogging I am finally back with new content and raring to write about the wonderful city of Bangkok. I have put off going to Bangkok for a long time because I though it was just another metropolis with nothing much to offer.

My resolution not to go there was somehow made stronger by the fact that the city does not have a very good reputation. I have read of pedophiles traveling there to satisfy themselves. And no, this does not make a very good topic for travel writing.

The night is young

In November, I finally went to Bangkok with some of my closest friends and it was a timely trip too as it helped me heal myself and get things back together again. My trip to the lovely City of Angles was memorable and fun and one of the places where we went to was Khao San Road.

Khao San Road is located about a block from the Chao Praya River and it is the place where budget travellers and backpackers are drawn. In summation it is a lively, happening, and noisy place where you can find great places to eat Thai food, bars to drink cocktails in, as well as clubs where you can party the night away.

Thai food!

Aside from all the partying, drinking and eating; the streets are also lined with vendors selling cheap and quite nice shirts and dresses, I must say. You can get yourself a Henna tattoo, eat fried spider and taste the famed coconut ice cream all at the same time.

A whole street lined with bars and stalls

Cocktails and beers are a lot cheaper in Khao San compared to Singapore so we, rather I, ended up drinking more than I planned to but it is all in the spirit of fun!

If you are looking for fun and a night of revelry, Khao San Road is one of the places where you should go. It is a place best experienced with friends. One night in Khao San was not enough and on my next visit to Bangkok, I am definitely going to drop by again.

3 thoughts on “A Night of Fun in Khao San

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  1. I can comp relate to it. This place is crazy post eve. I can also see my hotel in one of ur pics…lol! I am sure u had fun with all that phad thai and extremely delicious insects. Best of luck for 2016

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      1. I try to go to Bangkok once every 2 months for the simple reason to enjoy the nightlife in khao san. So once the party is over in the morn thats when i go and sleep. I know its crazy but it just resets me for the next few weeks.


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