Having Lunch at The Loft Cafe in Ho Chi Minh

Ho Chi Minh is a lovely and historical city with quirky, little cafes tucked in alleyways and nondescript dilapidated buildings. The unassuming facades of the buildings, where these cafes are located, do not warrant a second glance so I suggest you read up on them before traveling.

I did a little research before traveling, just like I always do, and looked for the city’s most popular cafes. During this particular trip we dined at two cafes; Ba cây chổi, the Harry Potter themed cafe, and The Loft.

On the building’s ground floor was an array of replica paintings and I was overjoyed to find Gustav Klimt’s “The Kiss”. It has long been my favourite! I wanted to purchase it then and there but I didn’t have room for it in my backpack. Perhaps next time when I am back in the city. It never occurred to me that the art scene is so alive in the city of Saigon. I would never have guessed the first time I set foot on the city.

The Loft is a modern, energetic cafe that has a rustic vibe. I reckon that its owners must love the classics and one wall was filled with the names of  the most popular classical writers. The Loft serves tapas, pancakes, salads and cocktails. However, we ordered only pasta and desserts. The food was alright but it was not unforgettable.

The thing that I will remember most about the cafe is the ambiance and the decor. The whitewashed walls made the cafe look very clean and larger than it really is and the cleverly designed window which looked like a clock from a certain angle was another outstanding feature. It also didn’t hurt that we were waited upon by a really cute guy.

Here are some pictures which I took at the cafe.

Panna cotta
Recognise any of the names?
Recognise any of the names?
Me with the popular and beautiful clock/window
Me with the popular and beautiful clock/window

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