Parasailing in Langkawi

And then I realized, Adventures are the best way to learn! 

I am a believer that there are adventures waiting for us out there, if we are just willing to open ourselves up to the world. Life does not have to be mundane and we need not live like a boring lot. Why settle for less when you can have a lifetime of adventures? I have come to a point in my life when I no longer desire material things.

I crave to do things, which will give me an adrenaline rush, adventures which will set my soul ablaze and allow me to experience what it is like to truly live, whether in the clouds, at sea or on land.

One of the things, which I have longed to try, is parasailing. Albeit not as risky as some other extreme sports, it was one thing, which I had on my bucketlist for a long time and I was not going to pass up the chance to finally try it on our very short time off in Langkawi.

Langkawi is in Malaysia’s west coast and being the home of 99 islands, it gives travellers a wide range of activities and water sports to choose from. You will get swaying coconut trees; delicious food; and pristine beaches. However, we were there during off-season (this explains the cheap plane tickets) so there was a bit of rain but the gods heard our prayers and the weather cleared up on our last day allowing us to enjoy parasailing.

Parasailing, for those not in the know, is also called parakiting or parascending. This is a recreational activity where a person or persons are towed behind a boat while attached to an specially designed canopy wing.


We had earlier booked our parasailing activity online via Toro Watersports. There are some companies, which operate parasailing and other activities in Langkawi without sufficient license and it is of utmost importance to be very careful and book only with those that do have licenses for there have been parasailing accidents in the past.

There are two choices when it comes to parasailing; by the beach or on the boat.

Parasailing by the beach (distance of 3km) – RM90 per person

Parasailing on the boat (distance of 8km) – RM180 per person

We opted for parasailing on the boat as we have read that it is more fun. However, this activity can only be done with two people maximum, one at the front and another at the back. According to our instructor, a maximum of 3 people can be allowed to parasailing together last time (sitting side by side each other) however; the government has deemed it unsafe.

Parasailing, I can say, is a fun activity. Seeing the ocean from above gave me a feeling of utter excitement and strangely, a feeling of peace. Although it wasn’t as high as parasailing, it felt good to have the wind brush against my face. The sensation of flying is very addicting. Not as daring as other activities, yes; however, it can give you the high you have been looking for if you have been stressed by work lately and is need of something to perk you up.

The sensation of flying is addicting
Adjusting my gopro before our flight

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