How to Almost Heal a Broken Heart in Bangkok

A broken heart is never a welcome condition when travelling but when your heart is in pieces and your flight is booked and hotel accommodations paid for, all you can do is dance to the music. Why waste all that money spent? Plus I have read that travel can be a good cure to a broken heart so I figured it would be the apropos time to put the theory to the test and see if it will hold up.

Bangkok is a vibrant city. I have read and heard so many things about it but I have to admit I was not looking forward to the trip that much. I had to haul myself out of bed almost daily as my rose colored lenses were abruptly broken. Fortunately I had friends who were willing to push and pull me out of the bed when all I wanted to do was lie there after a sucker punch.

Khao San Road

If you have not read the book The Beach yet, then let me tell you that Khao San Road has been famously described as the “center of the backpacking universe”. This is true because along the whole stretch of this 1km road, you will find various hostels, motels, bars, pubs and clubs, travel agents, market stalls, bookshops and what not. There is so much goodness that the street can’t contain it anymore, some have actually spilled to the nearby Soi Rambuttri.

The street magically transforms at night and becomes the adult version of Diagon Alley. Alcohol was cheap and it flowed freely and the numerous bars made it quite difficult to distinguish which song was playing where, but if all you want to do is have a good time, it wouldn’t matter. You can seamlessly transition from one song to the next at the drop of a hat. You can sing and even dance your heart out.

I was not quite sure if alcohol made it to the list of cures for a broken heart but I did not care. So, we drank the night away and had a good time.

Vibrant Khao San Road

Chatuchak Weekend Market

Chatuchak Weekend Market is love! One of the world’s largest weekend markets, it covers 27 acres and is divided into 27 sections with more than 15,000 booths selling some of the best tasting Thai food, home decorations, fashionable footwear and stylish clothes. Trust me when I say that everything you are looking for you can find in Chatuchak. Being a shopper in the Elysian Fields of Chatuchak is like dying and going to heaven.

After purchasing tattered jeans, blouse and a bag (I have recently spent a good amount of my money drinking 5 glasses of tequila sunrise and 2 buckets of Vodka tonic in Khao San Road, much to my regret after seeing all the delightful things in Chatuchak) my feet were a bit lighter and dopamine levels higher. If I hadn’t blown my budget on alcohol I am quite sure I would have needed to pay for add-on luggage.

After all the walking and a bit of shopping in Chatuchak, we were craving for food so we ate at this tiny, out of the way eatery and had the famed Tom Yam soup, Pad Thai and chicken with cashew nuts and boy was it savory! The tiger prawns were fresh and though I had little appetite, I have to say the Thais know how to prepare great food.

Sampling the famed Thai coconut ice cream
Sampling the famed Thai coconut ice cream

Pratunam Market

Another shopper’s paradise, Pratunam Market, is filled with the excitement of local and foreign shoppers. Pratunam is quite an easy district to find, even for non-locals. There is a scandalous variety of goods offered and once you step in to this shopping paradise you will see that some shoppers go there to purchase items in bulk. It is admittedly difficult to resist all the apparel on display.

We went around the shopping mall and scoured all the nooks and crannies of all floors and it only made mouth water all the more. Pratunam is chaotic but it was a beautiful kind of chaos.


Bangkok is dotted with numerous temples dedicated to various gods. If you want to get temple drunk, this is the best place to go. Some of the city’s most popular temples are Wat Arun, Wat Phra Kaew, Wat Suthat and Wat Trimitr. There is really a real life temple run here as people visit one after the other, ticking the temples on their list.

Adorned with jewels and gold, Thai temples are on a league of their own. I just couldn’t help but marvel at their beauty and I felt like I was one of the characters of the movie Anna and the King. If you do not know yet, that was one of the movies, which inspired me to travel to Bangkok.

It is a must to see Bangkok's temples at least once in your life
It is a must to see Bangkok’s temples at least once in your life
Distinct Thai ornaments
Distinct Thai ornaments

I put the theory to the test and I have to say that yes, travel does heal a broken heart. Well, almost. It is one of the best ways to forget and fill yourself with new experiences. Nothing is more welcome than new experiences after you close the past’s last chapter.

P.S. This post is a year late.

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  1. I love your description of everything! It’s such a well written post and I really am looking forward to traveling there in the future. No plans yet, but it’s on my long list of places to visit.

    I absolutely think that travel can heal a shattered heart. When someone is suffering from emotional pain, I always suggest they take a trip somewhere. If they are not travelers, they do not understand why I would suggest such a thing.

    Thank you for sharing.


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