Why Travel the World

Why leave the comforts of your own home and venture into the unknown? Why leave the familiar and marvel at the strange but amazing things this world has to offer? Why indeed?

In a world where materialism is slowly taking over, it is indeed a delight to know that there are people who still choose to spend their hard-earned money in traveling. I say the experiences and memories you can get from traveling far outweigh whatever enjoyment can be garnered from having the latest gadgets or the most fashionable handbags. I say this for me, at least.

People travel for various reasons. Some travel to heal a broken heart; some travel to fulfill their oaths; some travel just because they want to go somewhere they have never been before and do things which they have never done before; and some travel just for the delights of it. What are your motivations for travel?

Challenging yourself

I see traveling as a good opportunity to challenge myself. The mundane sometimes sucks the life out of me and most times I yearn for something exciting and different and these are the things which only travel can give me. Travel pushes me to my limits and takes me outside of my comfort zone. You can only learn and grow so much in the same environment everyday.

I discover that I actually have more in me when I am in strange places and with strangers. Slowly, I am building my confidence and realizing just what a capable person I am.


Travel is a very good way to learn not only about yourself but also the world around you. Yes, being in a classroom with fellow students and your professors is a learning experience but nothing is quite like the real world. By traveling you get to see just how other people live. Every unique destination brings you lessons in people, places and cultures.

Learning about cuisines and how people prepare and enjoy their food is a bonus. I love tasting local dishes, even the delicacies. Gaining an awareness of people and places fills me with so much joy. There is quite nothing like it. It is a thousand times better compared to reading about them in textbooks. Being in the thick of the action sends my blood rushing.

A better world view

I do not like confining myself in a single space or in a single place when there is so much in the world to discover. When you open your mind, you will have a better understanding of the world. When you have a better world view, you will discover ideas which you previously had not thought of. I have become a better world citizen with even just the few places I have been to.

Appreciating your own life

Traveling and seeing how other people live in other places made me appreciate my own life. It made me appreciate the fact that I am lucky enough to travel and learn about new things when others can hardly leave the place where they were born, not that this is a bad thing. If you are caught up with overwhelming work, it can easily make you lose sight of what you have and realize how lucky you are.

These are the reasons why I travel. What are yours?

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