Beaching in Bai Sao

Often referred to as one of the best beaches in Vietnam, Sao Beach or Bai Sao in the local language, does not disappoint at all. Beholding the swaying palm trees, azure waters, pristine and powdery white sands, and the picturesque island is very popular day trippers, adults and children alike, as well as backpackers. It definitely deserves its moniker as the perfect beach.

Sao Beach is the probably the best beach which you have never heard of.  Located on the south eastern side of Phu Quoc Island, Bai Sao is 7 kilometers of white and sandy heaven.

The Ocean

The ocean surrounding the pristine beach is warm, clear and has a distinctive azure color. You will notice that the farther you go, the darker the water gets. The best thing about the beach is the fine sand. There are no rocks and no sudden drops, all you will get is a gentle slope. The ocean, however, is relatively shallow so some people might not like it very much. However, this is a good thing for parents because this makes the beach safe for the little ones and people who do not know how to swim, just like yours truly.

During low tide, you will be able to see ripples which form a sand bar but it was high tide when I was there so I was not treated to such a sight. If you want to take that perfect “Instagrammable” picture, the perfect time to pose is in the morning during low tide.

The Sand

I love the sand in Bai Sao, after all the beach is very famous for its squeaky white sand. The sand is powdery and white, very similar to the beaches of the Caribbean from what I have heard. I hope to be able to ascertain that myself in the near future. The best part of the beach is in the northern area, if you go down south, you will notice that the sand turns coarser and becomes a bit yellowish. The southern part, I have heard, also is less clean.

Although Sao Beach looked spectacular to me, I did notice that there was a lot of garbage washed ashore. It seems that a few years ago, the beach was more pristine and its popularity is a double-edged sword. It has drawn a lot of terrorists to the island and helped local businesses. On the other hand, it also meant more trash.

Bai Sao Beach today is very different than what it once was, if you were to look at the photos. Gone are the days when you can easily have the beach to yourself. Today, tourists both local and international, flock to the island. There is a large water park with a giant inflatable playground on the shallow waters and wherever you turn you can see people frolicking and people having a laugh, enjoying their time and parents running around after their kids.

What to see

Well, do I really have to tell you what to see in Bai Sao Beach? The best thing is the beach. I could spend the whole day playing in the water, lying on the sand, enjoying fresh coconut juice, people watching and daydreaming.

Oh how good it would be to just lie here all day


We are undoubtedly enjoying the waters


I am in love with the beach

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