Love With a Chance of Drowning – A Review

“If we keep on waiting until we feel safe, we’ll never leave.”

Travel is one of the things which make me truly happy. Unlike purchasing material things which only gives me fleeting happiness, the memories and experiences which I have from my travels are priceless. To get to experience things firsthand gives me a different high.

I serendipitously came across Torre DeRoche’s book, Love with a Chance of Drowning. I was bit bored and wanted to look for something worth reading. The book is combination of my two loves, reading and travel, so I did not need further convincing to put it on my Kindle and that was one of the best book choices I made in my life.

The book starts with Torre in the bar downing more drinks than she should. A little inebriated and less inhibited, she begins conversing with a handsome but pensive Argentinian. She goes home with him and in the morning she found herself in the bed of someone she can’t remember, aghast but admiring the handsome Argentinian.

I have always loved how Torre’s adventure began. No, I do not recommend that women start drinking and head out to bars and pick men up but I like the thought that life sometimes throws little surprises at you and these tiny little things can change your life the way you never thought they would. Little things can have huge impacts in our lives.

Torre, as she mentioned in the book, has always been someone afraid of the deep waters, of what is in them and of what can happen when in the water. It resonated so much with someone who cannot even swim like me. However, I am taking this as a chance to finally learn how to swim, one of the many things I have always wanted to do. I feel like I am missing a lot just staying in the shallows and not plunging in the deep where many beautiful things lie.

Ivan’s obstinate decision to follow his dreams even with his family’s disapproval is a reminder that if we are to find fulfilment in life and be truly happy, sometimes we just have pursue our own path, stubborn as it may seem, but we are not living our lives for other people. We must learn to live our lives for ourselves. If we always follow the crowd it will get us nowhere. We must learn to turn a deaf ear to people telling us that our goal is something which is unachievable. If we fail, we must take consolation in the fact that we failed trying and we did something. I would rather fail than not try at all.

Torre and Ivan’s journey in the open ocean, their triumphs and their misses, the haven that are the pristine beaches and the danger that is the gargantuan waves and the threat of being lost at sea, are all our struggles in life. Getting something we want does not always come easy but it all makes the victory even sweeter.

I dream to have my own adventure in life. It does not have to be something as daring as crossing the open sea or as death defying as climbing Mt. Everest but it is going to be something that will make every step worth it. You should too. We have only one life to live, after all. Why waste it in what could have beens? Take the plunge. There are some risks which are just worth taking.

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