10 Food Swaps for a Healthier Life

Horror of all horrors! You can no longer fit into your little black dress. What else are you going to wear to your upcoming date? It might be time to start dieting now and get your banging body back.

Dieting is a tough job, especially with all the yummy cakes and pastries, burgers, fries, and ice cream beckoning to you. It seems that everywhere you turn you see something that you crave, something that can derail you from your dieting aspirations and with all the misconceptions about dieting, more and more people are finding it very difficult to do.

Contrary to what most people think dieting doesn’t mean giving up everything yummy and eating bland food that tastes like paper. There is a way to still eat what you want and stick to your diet at the same time. All you have to do is to make smart food choices and make some food swaps to shed off the excess pounds.

Say no to soda, drink seltzer instead

A twelve-ounce Coke comes with 140 calories. On the other hand, seltzer has 0 calories so it is a no-brainer which one to pick if you want to lose weight.  Not only will you be saying no to excess calories, but you will also be saying no to sugar too. If seltzer tastes flat to you, one thing you can do is to toss a few slices of citrus such as lime, lemon or orange to spice it up.

Go for fresh instead of dried fruits

Dried fruits might seem very innocent but they contain high levels of calories. Instead of reaching for sugar-filled dried fruits, you should go for fresh fruits. Not only do they contain fewer calories, but they also have a natural sweetness.

Go greek instead of picking sour cream

Creamy, tangy, and smooth, sour cream is essential in various dishes. However, just two tablespoons of sour cream have 60 calories. Add them all up and you could soon be adding inches to your waist. Give sour cream the boot and get greek yogurt instead. You can get the same taste and consistency but you only get 27.5 calories for the same amount.

Sweeten with cinnamon

We all know women who just can’t seem to start their day right without a cup of joe, but that teaspoon of sugar in your coffee amounts to 16 calories. Say goodbye to sugar, artificial or not. You have better chances of losing weight if you use cinnamon to sweeten your coffee with cinnamon. With this clever food swap, you are less likely to crave for sugar throughout the day.

Hello to fiber-rich cereal, goodbye to granola

You might be thinking that reaching for granola for breakfast will do you good and bring you close to your goals of finally donning that bikini for summer. Well, if you want to fast track your road to that summer body, you should say goodbye to granola and say hello to fiber-rich cereal. Half a cup of Kellogg’s Special K granola contains 200 calories. The same amount of Kellogg’s all-bran original only contains 80 calories. This simple swap can save you more than a hundred calories.

Say cheese with goat

Who says that being on a diet means you can’t have cheese and eat it too? You can still satisfy yourself with cheese but you just have to switch to goat cheese. It contains 30 calories less than other cheese so you can still indulge even if you are watching your weight.

Boil instead of frying

You can still continue to have eggs for breakfast but instead of scrambled eggs, think boiled eggs. Generally, fried eggs call for a tablespoon of butter, which adds 100 calories to your plate. You get the same amount of protein but fewer calories.

Go bunless

The starchy bun on your burger adds 126 calories. You can easily eliminate this from the equation by swapping to a lettuce leaf. Bunless burgers are actually so popular nowadays that even Shake Shack is offering them.

Red over white

No, we are not talking about the reds and whites that are chilled and go in a bottle. We are referring to sauce. White sauce has high contents of cheese, butter, cream, and other inflammatory oils. On the other hand, red sauce has fewer calories and sugar.

Veggies not chips

We have all been there, that time in between meals when you are craving for something to eat. Instead of chips and dips, opt for veggies instead. Veggies have a lot of fiber and are low in calorie. Get some celery sticks, bell peppers, and baby carrots and put them in your lunch box.

Dieting takes time and a lot of effort. If you would really like to lose weight, you should be committed to your goal and willing to make a few lifestyle changes. Fortunately today, you can easily get your hands on Skinny Mint’s Green Cleansing Elixir. This natural supplement helps in losing weight, fighting bloating, and boosting your immunity and gut health. Follow the food swaps and drink Skinny Mont’s Green Cleansing Elixir to supercharge your weight loss.

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