If I only knew that Bali is Elysium itself, a place fit for the worship and reverence of Gods, I would have rearranged my travel plans and gone there sooner. Bali left me speechless. I was so wrong to have thought that it had really nothing much to offer aside from surfing, tanned physiques, barely clothed bodies and a sprinkling of temples here and there.

Taman Ayun
Taman Ayiun

Bali is a pleasure to the senses. The island’s sound is music to my ears; the sights were like paintings of Gustav Klimt come to life; and the smells of incense wafting through the air as offerings were made were delicate and soft fragrances, which I will forever remember.

Batuan Temple
Batuan Temple

If there was one thing, which I regretted in my trip to Bali, it is the fact that I did not spend more time. Blame it on limited number of days off from work and budget! Anyway, the glimpses that I got of the truly remarkable Balinese architecture and Balinese culture is enough to leave me in awe and I will forever be in admiration of Bali.

Temples are a familiar sight in Bali
Temples are a familiar sight in Bali

Now I finally understand why for some people Bali is like a siren song, beckoning them to abandon their pursuits and stay in the island, perhaps for months or perhaps forever. Bali can be everything. It can be a place of respite and it can be a place where a person can grow roots and be who he is meant to be. It can also be a place of soul-searching where a person can discover himself and his purpose.

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