Penang’s Thriving Street Art Scene

Penang is a place brimming not only with excellent food but with a flourishing and lively art scene. This current interest in the art scene can be attributed to artist Ernest Zacharevic’s murals, which shot the city to fame in 2012. Nowadays, even more walls are covered with artwork done by local, as well as... Continue Reading →

Parasailing in Langkawi

And then I realized, Adventures are the best way to learn!  I am a believer that there are adventures waiting for us out there, if we are just willing to open ourselves up to the world. Life does not have to be mundane and we need not live like a boring lot. Why settle for... Continue Reading →


The capital city of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur is vibrant, modern and yet it retains its history. The iconic symbol of the country, Kuala Lumpur boasts of 8.9 million visitors every year. It is one of the most visited cities in the world today. The city is a cultural mix of Chinese, Indian and Malays and... Continue Reading →


Once a very busy location where spices were traded, Malacca has become a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of its significance in history. Known as “The Historic State”, it is the third smallest state in Malaysia, next to Perlis and Penang. Malacca was once the location of the earliest Malay sultanates, however, the local monarchy... Continue Reading →

My Food Journey in Malacca

Aside from meeting wonderful locals and fellow travellers, discovering new cultures and seeing picturesque places, food is one of the most compelling reasons for me to travel. Food is always one of the highlights of any travel experience and I have been fortunate to discover many wonderful dishes in the places I have been to.... Continue Reading →

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