See the Good in Goodbye

As you read the last chapter of the book and close its covers, you know that it is time to start a new one. Yes, the memories of that book, the adventures, the laughter and the sorrows make it very difficult to put it down but time has come to turn the page. The same... Continue Reading →

Why Travel the World

Why leave the comforts of your own home and venture into the unknown? Why leave the familiar and marvel at the strange but amazing things this world has to offer? Why indeed? In a world where materialism is slowly taking over, it is indeed a delight to know that there are people who still choose... Continue Reading →

Food and Eating from an Asian Perspective

The consumption of food is a personal and communal experience in Asia, whether in expensive 5-Michelin star restaurants in Tokyo; hawker centers in Singapore; food stalls in Manila; and side road eating places in Hanoi. In this side of the world, food is what binds people together. Food is not just something you put in... Continue Reading →

Away From Toxicity

Every now and then I look for a place to clear my mind, a place for solace and a place for calm. Life in the office can be too much sometimes. All the demands and all the deadlines can send you spiralling to toxicity beyond you can ever imagine. I never thought that I would... Continue Reading →

Coping in Between Travels

If I had unlimited budget and off days, there is only thing I want to do: TRAVEL! However, I am not gifted with a huge bank account and I have only a dozen paid leaves from work so I try to balance both. Yes, it can be very challenging at times as there are magnificent... Continue Reading →

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