What was once may never be Gone are the memories of you and me There is no sunset and conversation to be shared No way to smell the ocean in your skin Or the salt in your hair   It swallowed everything like a black hole The laughter, the smiles, the glance Some nights I... Continue Reading →

Beginning to an End

My life before has ended My life in the future has started When everything has been said and done I am there left with no choice but to rise with the sun   You were the death of me But in my death I have risen And as I turn the page It is letting... Continue Reading →


Tell me, please tell me Is it true? So few things Make me blue   But the more I think about it The less certain I become The more I look at you The less convinced I am   The more I give The more it takes away The more I look at you The... Continue Reading →


When did I stop turning your head? When did you start having thoughts that I can no longer read? Now I sleep in an empty bed When did I start losing your embrace I have never noticed that you ceased touching my face Now all I have is empty space I woke up this morning... Continue Reading →


To stay safe under your branches To not be afraid of taking chances To feel your warm embrace To see the sunlight on your face And there is no use thinking of what could have been Of things undone and strolls in the fields of green While you drift on a restful slumber I want... Continue Reading →

Forgive Me

Forgive me for only seeing the good in you And I will forgive you for betraying my trust Forgive me for reaching out to you And I will forgive you for avoiding me Forgive me for wanting to still have conversations with you And I will forgive you for your silent abandonment Forgive me for... Continue Reading →


As I sit here I can't help but wonder Will the frost enveloping my heart be thawed? I can't help but wish to see the clear picture Will I ever be able to save myself from the paralyzing┬ácold?   My shattered soul and my heart bereaved See no tomorrow and no escape When people go,... Continue Reading →

Ever Thine

Every breath of the sun Every whisper of the night sky The longing inside me Grows more and more   This is nothing but utter foolishness When will I wake up? When will this cease?   To live perchance to dream To see the great the morning with a kiss To hear a single voice... Continue Reading →

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