Beauty, Peace and Contentment in the Streets of Hanoi, Vietnam

Life is constant search for respite, for beauty, for fulfilment and for goodness. Everywhere we go we always look around to see the good and the beautiful. All these things I have found during my trip to Vietnam. Surprisingly, while crossing Vietnam’s busy streets under the scorching heat of the sun, while dodging loud motorbikes honking here and there, I found peace and contentment in the eyes and beautiful faces of the Vietnamese and when I say beauty I mean it. I saw so many beautiful Vietnamese women during my trip.

Travel While You Are Still Young

If there is one thing I regret in my life, it’s not traveling while I was still young. Don’t get me wrong, I still consider myself young, don’t ask me to divulge my age because I would rather not, it’s just that if I had things my way I would have started traveling while I... Continue Reading →

Where to Eat in Cebu

If there is one thing I like to try when traveling, it is the local food! Eating local food is one of the best ways to get to know a place and its people. Although I have been living in Cebu since 2007, I am still amazed every time I discover a restaurant or one... Continue Reading →

Christmas at the Gardens

I have been busy recently because of the holiday season but I was still able to squeeze in some time to take pretty pictures. Here are some beautiful photos taken at Gardens by the Bay. If you are ever in Singapore, you should drop by.

Beautiful Singapore Gardens

The tiny city-state of Singapore isn’t exactly known for its beautiful natural landscapes. Singapore is certainly not the first place which comes to mind when you think of breathtaking sunsets or picturesque villages but you will be very much surprised at the spaces of bliss, serenity and beauty you can find in its gardens. Singapore... Continue Reading →

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