Davao City

Located in Mindanao, Davao City is the third most populous city on the Philippines. It is also the largest city in the country with a total land area of 2,444 square kilometers. It has a population of more than 2 million. It is home to the Mount Apo, the tallest mountain the country.

Residents of the city are known as Davaoeños and Visayan is the most widely spoken language. English is the medium of instruction in school, as well as in business. It is widely understood and spoken by residents. Like most cities in the country, Christians predominate in Davao. Churches, temples, mosques and other places of worship dot the city.

The city’s name came from the phonetic blending of three Bagobo words for the Davao River, a waterway which empties into the Davao Gulf located near the city. The aboriginal who first inhabited the lands called the river Davah. The Clattas called it Dawaw and the Tagabawa called it Dabo.

All pictures by Adrian Mark Dalipe.

Davao International Airport
The durian at the Davao International Airport
Little Mermaid
The little mermaid at the Baywalk in Ecoland



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