The city of Dumaguete is located in Negros Oriental and is also the capital of the province. It has a population of more than 120,000 people and has been nicknamed The City of the Gentle People. Dumaguete has four universities and because of this it has also been named as the university town. A popular educational destination, students from all over the Visayas and Mindanao come to Dumaguete to study.

The church in Siliman University

Dumaguete attracts a considerable number of foreign tourists because of its easy access to Cebu and its spectacular diving spots and pristine beaches. Whale and dolphin watching in nearby Bais City is one of the island’s main attractions.

church, Dumaguete
St. Catherine of Alexandria Cathedral

Dumaguete comes from the Visayan word daggit. Daggit means “to snatch” in English. There were frequent raids in the city before because of the pirates who once lived in the coastal town, hence the name, Dumaguete.

beach, Dumaguete
Beach in Dumaguete

The city has a land area of more than 3 thousand hectares, and is comprised of 19 municipalities and 6 cities. It is bounded on the east by the Bohol Sea and serves as a natural border to the neighboring provinces of Bohol, Cebu and Siquijor.

Siliman University
Siliman University

Siliman University is another attraction. It was established in 1901 and it was the first American university in the country and in Asia. The university was named after Dr. Horace Brinsmade Siliman, who gave the initial sum of $10,000 to start the school.

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