Beauty, Peace and Contentment in the Streets of Hanoi, Vietnam

Life is constant search for respite, for beauty, for fulfilment and for goodness. Everywhere we go we always look around to see the good and the beautiful. All these things I have found during my trip to Vietnam. Surprisingly, while crossing Vietnam’s busy streets under the scorching heat of the sun, while dodging loud motorbikes honking here and there, I found peace and contentment in the eyes and beautiful faces of the Vietnamese and when I say beauty I mean it. I saw so many beautiful Vietnamese women during my trip.

A Love Letter to Istanbul

Have you ever been to a new place and said to yourself "I am in love!" as soon as you landed? I am like that. I compare myself to serial daters except that I am a serial fall-in-lover of new places, if there is such a word. However, no other place has captured my heart... Continue Reading →

I Left My Heart in Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta has truly captured my heart. The culture, the sights, the music, the food and the people are just incredible. Here are more of the photos taken during my trip to a Javanese jewel called Yogyakarta.              

Had to wake up at 3am to prepare and meet our driver at 4am. After an hour's ride to the lookout point, we waited to see the sunrise and the magnificence that is Borobudur. I have absolutely fallen in love with this place. It has taken my breath away and as early as now I... Continue Reading →

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