Coney Island on a Holiday

Singapore is a tiny city-state and admittedly there isn’t much to explore, especially if you are someone who has been living in the city for more than four years. However, I am a person who tries to see things with a new pair of eyes. There is still so much to see if you are... Continue Reading →

A Night of Fun in Khao San

After a long hiatus from blogging I am finally back with new content and raring to write about the wonderful city of Bangkok. I have put off going to Bangkok for a long time because I though it was just another metropolis with nothing much to offer. My resolution not to go there was somehow... Continue Reading →

Away From Toxicity

Every now and then I look for a place to clear my mind, a place for solace and a place for calm. Life in the office can be too much sometimes. All the demands and all the deadlines can send you spiralling to toxicity beyond you can ever imagine. I never thought that I would... Continue Reading →

The Road to El Nido

The island of El Nido is a 6-hour drive away from Puerto Princesa. Some say it is best to travel to the island early in the morning so that there is still daylight when you arrive while others have said it is best to travel at night so by sunrise you will already be at... Continue Reading →

Pura Luhur Uluwatu

Southeast Asia is a place which has a profusion of temples and Buddha statues. Bali, aptly called the Island of the Gods, is home to magnificent temples but I have to admit that the one which impressed me most was Pura Luhur Uluwatu. Also known as the Balinese sea temple, it is precipitously perched on a... Continue Reading →

Kecak and Fire Dance in Uluwatu

“Cak cak cak”. On and on goes the chant from half-naked men sitting in a circle around a fire. They are in a trance, "cak cak cak". Inebriated perhaps? No. Got a little hash-hish in their system? Wrong again. This is the most stunning of all Balinese dances. Brace yourselves as you are about to... Continue Reading →

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