Travel Tools

Every traveler has an arsenal of travel tools which will make each journey to new and wondrous places a lot easier and a lot more comfortable. These are the travel tools which I use every time I plan a trip. They have made life a lot easier for me.

  • Tripadvisor – Tripadvisor is a site where you can see reviews of hotels, hostels, restaurants and locations. I suggest checking it out when doing your itinerary or when booking accommodations. It has a wealth of information.
  • Hostelworld – I am a thrifty traveler and when I do travel I try to stretch my budget as far as it can go and that is one of the reasons why I book hostels, although I do book hotels every now and then, especially if I am stressed and want to relax and enjoy the finer things in life. Booking through Hostelworld is quick and easy.
  • Hostelbookers – Hostelbookers is another site which you can use to book accommodations.
  • Skyscanner – I am always on the lookout for cheap tickets but I hardly have time to check everyday. What did I do? I signed up for Skyscanner. It will alert you every time there are changes in ticket prices to your preferred destinations. What can be better than that?
  • Lonely Planet – Lonely Planet is heaven sent to travelers everywhere. It is an abundant source of all things you need to know about your next destination.
  • Macbook Pro – I love my Macbook pro! I have been a Windows user since I can remember but the switch to Macbook has been smooth.
  • Samsung Note 3 – I have always been an iPhone lover but I just had to switch to Samsung because the battery life is just longer and I can do more things on my Note 3. I can even write an article on it. It is a phone and a tablet in one device. Great when you don’t have much room in your bag.
  • Nikon D5000 – I love my Nikon. It helps me take great pictures but I still need to brush up on my photo editing skills.

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